The 8th International Airborne Wind Energy Conference was held on 15-16 October 2019 at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) is an emerging renewable energy technology that aims to replace the use of fossil fuels for energy production on an economical basis. A characteristic feature of the various AWE concepts is the use of tethered flying devices to access wind energy at higher altitudes where the wind is more consistent. Over the past decade the AWE scientific and industrial community has grown considerably. The largest AWE demonstrator system to date is a 600kW system; many other demonstrator systems exist in the electricity output range up to 80 kW.
The 8th Airborne Wind Energy Conference (AWEC 2019) was held on 15-16 October 2019 at the Technology & Innovation Centre (TIC), 99 George Street, Glasgow G1 1RD, United Kingdom. Altogether, more than 220 delegates from 21 countries across Europe and abroad, scientists and engineers, entrepreneurs and investors gathered to share their experiences, findings, opportunities and visions for airborne wind energy.

The program included
  • five plenary talks by selected experts from international agencies, industry and academia (WindEurope, Ampyx Power, Makani, IEA and Politecnico di Milano), and
  • eleven contributed talk sessions in two parallel tracks, comprising a total of 42 presentations, and
  • five panel discussions covering all aspects of airborne wind energy, including a further 10 presentations, and
  • two poster sessions, each preceded by plenary spotlight presentations, with altogether 21 poster presentations.
We saw fascinating documentations of industrial developments, ongoing research projects and engaging panel discussions about key themes for the commercialization of the technology. In addition to the learning component, the conference was also the perfect opportunity to network within the emerging community.

See you at AWEC 2021!